The whole list of potential Amazon products

So you didn’t want to wait for the product options to come via email? Well, this is an alternative. This comes with the disclaimer that I put with the email list. This list is a snapshot of the products and will not be perfect. At the time of the scraping, Amazon did not have the buybox. They may have it now. At the time of the scraping, the price was over $25. It may have dropped since then.

As of today, Wednesday January 16, 2019 I have collected a list of 14,108 Amazon product listings that may be good options to sell as wholesale products. That means that you would reach out to the brand and ask to represent them on Amazon.

Total products as of January 16, 2019

If you have any questions about what the leads are like, you can download the sample below. It’s a CSV file and will open great in Excel or Google Sheets.

On purchase, you’ll receive an email with a CSV full of leads.